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So you want some Battle Version parts on your ride?

If we don’t currently offer the components you need, you can get a “group buy” together. Email us, and we’ll put the group buy up in our group buy section. When you get 10 people together and they all put 50% down(we will provide you an estimate), then we’ll get started on your part. ┬áNeed rear upper control arms for your Miata? Front control arms for your SC300/ Supra? Get the word out on the forums, and we’ll make the high quality battle version parts for you!

Easy steps.
1. Email us with your parts.
2. We will put it up in the group buy section, with estimated prices.
3. get 10-15 people to put 30-50% down. *** Get the word out on your forum or forums.
4. We will get started on your parts. From concept to final product in 1-3 months.
5. Once people pay we will ship them out. Pictures of updates will be found on facebook.

*** Due to the custom nature of these products, no refunds will be offered.

Examples of these would be:
Taka Aono, veteran Formula D driver, was looking for a more developed set of Front Lower Control Arms (FLCAs) for his Toyota AE86.

At the time no one offered anything for it, but Taka and several others believed it to be something that was very needed for the AE86 market and brought it to our attention. In just a few days he had gotten enough people to get behind the production cost, and within a few months time we had a fully developed and finished product for those eager 86 enthusiast.


Steve Kim, an avid VIP enthusiast, came to Battle version when trying to get the look and stance of his 02 Q45, just right. When we realized the only way that would be possible was by making a set of rear upper control arms for his car, he quickly gathered enough of his fellow enthusiasts to assist with production cost. Once we finished the arms up, we installed a set on Steve’s car, and were able to get the exact camber, and stance Steve was aiming for.


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