Installation Instructions

Thanks for purchasing BATTLE VERSION parts.

There are a few steps to remember when installing your parts.

1. Notice there is a right and a left hand thread. The left hand thread is marked with a grove on the jam nuts.

2. Always make sure to see equal amounts of thread on the adjusters.

3. Preset the length by using the stock arm and tighten down before installing the arms. Many of the arms are “stock replacement” which means even though the arms are adjustable, its best to use them at the factory length.

4. Do not over tighten the jam nuts! They just need to be slightly tightened down to prevent the adjuster from turning. The strength of the arm comes from the threads and not how tight the nuts are!

5. If the parts do not come with nuts, bolts, or any additional hardware, then they are designed to use the factory bolts for the installation.

6. Do Not go past 3/4” of thread showing on the adjustment.

SC300/400 Rear Traction Arms
Subaru Rear Suspension